Connecticut high school baseball teams try to settle playoff game with rock-paper-scissors

This is phenomenal: Because rain on the East Coast this weekend delayed the start of their conference playoffs, a pair of Connecticut high school baseball teams attempted to settle their first-round matchup with a high-stakes, 11-round matchup of rock-paper-scissors.

The video is so good.

Peter Paguaga of provided a complete, incredible turn-by-turn recap and box score of North Haven’s 5-4 win over Amity. He notes that the clubs are ‘awaiting a ruling’ from the conference commissioners office and that the North Haven win ‘probably won’t hold,’ but you can’t watch that video and tell me those kids aren’t playing rock-paper-scissors with every part of their hearts and souls.

Those kids, it should be noted, appear to totally rule. People like to beat up on today’s teens because of their hashtags and their Fortnite, but the very devices we so frequently lament in the hands of our youth brought us this evidence of its vitality. I was a teen once, and I’m not sure I can remember ever being as emotionally, genuinely, jubilantly invested in anything the way these kids are in this rock-paper-scissors match. Kudos to these teens.

Also, after watching this video, I’m pretty sure home-plate rock-paper-scissors showdowns are a better, more entertaining alternative to settling long baseball games than starting innings with runners on second base.

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