The Rundown Drill

What You Will Need:

  • Open Area or Baseball Field
  • Baseballs
  • Bases Or Cones
  • Players with their Gloves

If you have coached long enough you have seen it. Your pitcher gets a guy trying to steal and the PICKLE begins. You begin to get a little excited thinking your team has itself an easy out. Then to your horror a late throw or dropped ball and the runner is safe. The Rundown Drill will help your team master the art of the rundown.

Setup: This drill can be done anywhere you have some open space. You want to setup two bases or cones that will act as your starting points. Depending on the amount of players you can break up your team in groups to really get all the players involved. I will normally set my groups with 5 players.

Process:Player with the ball runs with ball out of glove in “Dart Throwing” position. Player forces baserunner to outside of basepath by taking inside/hard route (create lane).

Defensive player’s goal is to get baserunner “Turned” and running. Defensive player must always anticipate “ball” or “now” call to closer/tagger. Follow throw if you chase, drop back passer if no chase (“give it up!”).

Closer/Tagger hangs back- creates separation & distance from baserunner. Spacing is the operative word here! Starts fonvard at a good clip -yells “ball” or “now” earlier than you think! Closer/Tagger must be early to allow for reaction time or accuracy on throw problems. Perfect timing is essential! You should receive the ball on the run and be able to tag the runner in front of you comfortably. Tag runner with him on the outside of you.

Trouble Spots:

  • Defensive player who is running with ball does not run hard enough, thus enabling baserunner to shuffle, dance, or plan his hijinx
  • Pump Fakes = No
  • Following your throw when you don’t chase
  • Not giving it up immediately, then rushing your throw
  • Giving it up correctly – then not doing the QB drop back to create spacing for the return throw
  • Closer/Tagger creates bad spacing by “creeping” up
  • Call for the ball too late/make tag with guy going by. Bad Timing

The routine rundown is all about Spacing & Timing

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