Second Season & Fall Ball Provide Players More Experience, Opportunities

When the Little League® regular season comes to a close and All-Star season begins, it might seem like there are no more opportunities for players who haven’t been named to their league’s All-Star team. To the contrary, each local league decides how long its season will play.

Little League accommodates communities and volunteers wishing to continue the fun and excitement by offering Second Season and Fall Ball as options.

One of the benefits of both Second Season and Fall Ball is the wealth of options for league presidents and district administrators. There is a great deal of flexibility in scheduling both games and practices. If time is tight, you can schedule one or two games a week, as well as any practices.

Second Season and Fall Ball are all about accommodating the needs of the players. The less rigid schedule lets coaches focus on training and development, particularly in the younger players. Children who participate in Second Season and Fall Ball receive the attention they need, especially those who will be transitioning from tee-ball and coach pitch to older age groups.

These programs also present an opportunity for those who wanted to coach during the regular season but couldn’t find the time. Second Season and Fall Ball are always looking for volunteers. Registration is easy; there are no additional insurance needs or forms to fill out if the parent volunteered and was background checked during the current year’s season.

For new volunteers, who did not serve the league in an official role during the current year’s season, they simply need to fill out a volunteer application and undergo a background check. If any parents are interested in volunteering, simply get in contact with a local league official or Board member to receive the appropriate information.

Summer may just be starting, but it will be fall before you know it, so if anyone in your League has interest in participating in Second Season or Fall Ball, make sure to gauge their interest. Talk to your local league officials for additional information.

The end of any Little League season marks a time to reflect on the experiences shared by the players, coaches, parents, and everyone involved. The most important memories are not of wins or losses, but rather the fun and excitement that comes with having the opportunity to play the game that you love. Second Season and Fall Ball help prolong the Little League experience for everyone, young and old.

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