Three Skills to Evaluate During Player Tryouts

Each player tryout will showcase basic skills. So, whether you are a baseball or softball manager, consider the types of drills that are being executed, and how a player’s performance will translate on to the field.

After watching tryouts and making your list of potential draftees, speak with the current players on the team to get their opinion the incoming players. Finally, the emotions of a child are a very important to evaluate. Be sure to consider your impression of the player’s personality and watch how he/she reacts to their performance. So often, a Little Leaguer’s willingness to have fun and be a good teammate will far exceed physical talent.

Skill One:

Always consider a Little Leaguer’s versatility, then begin by rating defensive fundamentals.

    • How does the player move to the ball? Watch the footwork when fielding ground balls and fly balls.
    • How does the player field the ball? Are their hands positioned properly, and does the player transfer the ball quickly to their throwing hand.
    • How accurate and strong is the player’s throwing arm? Assuming the player is properly warmed up, how far does the ball travel, and how well can the player put the throw on target.

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